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SulNOx Fuel Conditioners – African Market

Introduction Rigworld Group and SulNOx Group entered into a collaboration agreement in December 2020 to develop the market for SulNOx Group’s fuel conditioners. SulNOx currently market two types of emulsifier that will be offered to customers in a range of industries including Mining, Shipping, Aviation, Logistics, Manufacturing, Power Plants, and Agriculture. The potential for the [...]

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FT Commodities Summit delivers news ship owners cannot afford to ignore

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) is imposing new regulations by 2020 over fuel usage. Ship owners must clean up their act The SulNOx fuel emulsifier has been trialed in ships demonstrating exceptional results with bunker fuel Using our SulNOx product would immediately bring a ship into line with the stringent emissions regulations being imposed On [...]

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The no-cost alternative to drastically reduce toxic emissions from coal power plants

Uncovering the secretive, inner workings of coal power stations The Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) burnt in power plants is the dregs of the oil refining process, which results in toxic and extremely damaging emissions being pumped into the environment An opportunity exists to reduce these harmful emissions, at no cost to the power plant At [...]

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Toxic residue from shipping ‘cheats’ washed into our oceans

The shipping industry is one of the world’s biggest polluters. New regulations set by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) to reduce Sulphur content in shipping exhaust fumes, is seeing ship owners ‘cheat’ the system in a bid to be ‘compliant’ by the 2020 deadline. Shockingly, many ship owners are choosing to simply dump the toxic [...]

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USA CO2 emissions surge under Trump’s Administration

The USA is the second-largest producer of greenhouse gases in the world, behind China (#1) Research firm, Rhodium Group, has reported CO2 emissions in the USA have increased by 2.5% during 2018 USA is experiencing a reversal in a three-year trend of reducing CO2; it is now unlikely to achieve 2025 emissions targets under the [...]

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30% of preventable deaths linked to air pollution

The government has issued new guidelines (14 January 2019) under its Clean Air Strategy, in a bid to reduce particulate matter across the UK by 2030. The report comes just days after the family of a nine-year-old girl – who sadly died from Asthma – presented new evidence to the government’s chief lawyer, stating that [...]

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Bangkok residents coughing up blood as toxic smog engulfs the city

Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, is currently suffocating under hazardous smog, which has now forced hundreds of schools to close in an attempt to protect the city’s children. The air is full of toxic heavy metals – including arsenic – which has the ability to pass directly into humans and cause both short and long-term health issues. [...]

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