About Green Genesis
Green Genesis is a niche services company operating in the conventional and renewable energy space. It collaborates with international technology and product companies to provide solutions to Indian clients in the areas of sustainability, environment, Green Energy etc. The company is founded by Technocrats with more than 3 decades of experience in Oil & Gas Industry.

About RemNOx Products (powered by SulNOx technologies)

Advanced and unique proprietary fuel additives, emulsifiers and demulsifiers, manufactured from natural biodegradable ingredients. They ensure reduced fossil and synthetic fuel consumption and significantly reduction pollution emissions of NOx, CO and CO2. Resulting in less smoke, less soot, improvement in overall air quality (PM10 reduced by more than 50% and PM2.5 by more than 60%) together with improved Engine Performance & Health

Scott Bruce, Chief Financial Officer of RemNOx commented: “We are delighted to welcome Green Genisis as our exclusive representative in India and look forward to collaborating with Darayas and the rest of his team. This strategic appointment provides RemNOx with a fantastic opportunity to gain further global traction in its quest to unlock the true potential of its “game changing” fuel conditioners, emulsifiers and demulsifiers. Green Genesis brings a wealth of experience, and an extensive network of potential clients. It’s exciting to see RemNOx (powered by SulNOx technologies) continue to grow and further expand into international markets. Our future looks very bright indeed.”

Darayas Bhappoo, co-founder of Green Genesis commented: We are very excited with this partnership with RemNOx. We see tremendous opportunities for RemNOx products , the fuel conditioners and fuel emulsifiers in the Indian market. The additives reduce particulate matter emissions, reduces green-house gas emissions, improves fuel economy and promotes biofuel blending. We hope that this partnership will enable us to contribute our part to fight climate change.