Leslie Ann Templeton, a Spanish based entrepreneur with several years’ experience with the SulNOx technologies, is appointed the Executive Chair of the Board, allowing Angela Bravo LLB to now concentrate on legal matters. In addition, Gary Bostock, a former director of the board of SulNOx with 10 years’ experience of SulNOx technologies, is appointed a Non-Executive Director to assist with forward strategy. The appointments have opened access to substantial addition capital.

About Leslie Ann Templeton
Leslie Ann brings 30+ years of experience in International Business Development, across diverse industrial sectors. After graduating from the University of Calgary, she began her career in the media industry in sales. Based on her fast-paced, exceptional performance, she quickly climbed the corporate ladder and took on the position of Director of International Business Development for a Technology company in the media industry. After 3 years of surpassing her sales targets with the top media groups in the US and Canada, she was headhunted by a significant technology company in Spain and became their Director of International Business Development. So, determined to expand her international experience to even higher levels, she uprooted her family and moved to Madrid to take up the position.
After only a year in Spain, her entrepreneurial desires took her to a new challenge as she decided to found her own company. As its Founder and CEO, she then worked with the largest media companies in the market, throughout Europe, South Africa, Canada, and the USA.  With a strong desire to learn about new products, services and technologies in other sectors, along with the determination for achieving success for all, she went on to consult to companies who were expanding their businesses globally.

Some years ago, by good fortune she was introduced to the SulNOx Technologies and was so impressed, she immediately wanted to get involved, eventually being offered the opportunity to lead RemNOx.

After growing up in the Oil & Gas Sector, this was a natural transition with her lifelong connections and knowledge in the industry.  Her high-energy and enthusiasm is reflected not only in business, but also in her personal life with her love for sports, health and fitness.

About Gary Bostock
Beginning his career in sales & strategy, Gary quickly moved into the purchasing and selling of precious metal & gemstones, owning and managing two successful auction houses. He moved on to being commissioned to lead several public campaigns, recruiting and training field sales and in-store promotions for several major well-known UK companies.

Gary is one of the main founders of SulNOx (in March 2013) and was fundamental in helping the company obtain a successful listing on the London Aquis Market. He also helped negotiate and sign-off the terms of the original SulNOx/Nouryon manufacturing licence agreement and is the co-creator of the SulNOx additive product. He has now accepted a directorship