RemNOx Ltd is a privately held Scottish company, registered in October 2020 and incorporated by its executives together with the founding shareholders of SulNOx Group Plc,

Following the public listing of SulNOx in November 2019, it soon became apparent that a private company, dedicated to the market penetration and deployment of SulNOx’s unique ECO fuel technologies, would be highly beneficial to achieving the goals necessary for their success. RemNOx immediately became a fully Independent Sales Organisation (ISO) for SulNOx.

Over the past 3 years, the team at RemNOx strived to identify markets, multiple industries, other distributors and end users, all of whom would benefit from the fuel technologies available and, while enjoying much increased fuel economy, also significantly help address the worldwide problem of environmental pollution and global warming.  The invention of new and unique ground-breaking proprietary technologies of SulNOx and those being developed by RemNOx itself, have already made very significant progress.


Khalid Aziz Sabri

Chief Sales Officer – Marine Division

Scott Henry Bruce

Chief Finance Officer

Steven Craig Dunnett

Chief Operating Officer

Akib Sabri BSc (Eng)

Chief Technical Officer

Angela Maria Bravo LLB

Non-Executive Director – Legal

Gary Bostock

Senior Board Advisor