Khalid Sabri

Kal began his career in Medicine and moved on to qualify as a Merchant Naval Officer, specialising in onboard medical and operational duties.

Kal held the pivotal position of ‘First Officer’ of the “M/V SulNOx Eco1” during its years as the Research & Development vessel for the SulNOx anti-pollution formulas and their effective deployment techniques and systems. The composite and proven technology now powers RemNOx Diesel Fuel Conditioner and RemNOx Petrol Conditioner and HFO Emulsifiers. Kal is expected to be heavily involved in the deployment of RemNOx products and partake in major seaborn shipping trials of the SulNOx Technologies planned for 2021.

Kal is well known and respected in the highest echelons of the military in Scotland and through his numerous contacts has been able to significantly advance the potential deployment of RemNOx products in both the Royal Navy and divisions of the Army.

Scott Bruce

A successful finance and sales professional with more than 20 years’ experience in the banking, corporate, financial and media industry sectors.

Scott began his career with Abbey National Bank plc dealing with high value loans, mortgages and assisting high net worth clients with financial planning. He subsequently held senior positions in the Bank’s Compliance and Merchant Services departments.

Demonstrating entrepreneurial flair, he then setup a property services company dealing with local authority and private contracts across the UK. As Managing Director of a large workforce, he was pivotal in driving the company’s growth to an annual turnover in the millions.

Scott now sits on the Board of numerous companies advising on operational management, accounting, merchant services, auditing and financial planning.

Akib Sabri

A graduate in aircraft engineering at the prestigious University of Highlands & Island’s Perth Collage of Engineering & Aviation.

Having excelled in academic pursuits, Akib is now expanding his portfolio of skills to encompass all practical aspects of marine engineering.

As RemNOx’s technical officer, he contributes an in-depth knowledge and experience of engine functions, dynamics and the combustion aspects of various engines and their power to fuel outputs.

In his personal life, he excels in martial arts and has represented Team Scotland. He is an avid hill walker and a serious ‘airsoft’ enthusiast.

Akib is a great team player, with an energetic and vibrant personality.

Nawaz Haq

Nawaz started his first business while studying Real Estate Management and Development at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh.

Nawaz is a Chartered Surveyor and member of the RICS. He worked at corporate Real Estate advisory firms as well as his own Practice advising a broad spectrum of government agencies, investment management companies and various commercial sector clients.

Nawaz is also a Hotelier established in Grangemouth, a town well known as the hub of oil and gas in Scotland. His operation primarily caters for the business industry with connections to major players in oil and gas, logistics, marine and environmental sectors.

Nawaz will use his broad business experience and contacts and coordinate the deployment of RemNOx products.

Dr. Dan Clarke

Dan is a PhD level Chemist who specialises in Green chemistry. Additionally he has branched out into the technology side of various industries. These two skills make him ideally suited to working with Jimmy Reman Jr to bring the innovation of Ultrasound Technology to the fuel industry.

Combining technology with knowledge and innovative thinking is at the core of what has driven Dan for the past 15 years; to strive for innovation and search for cleaner fuel technologies.

He is co-owner at SciMed Ltd. and is actively consulting with SulNOx to promote their brand and industry.

Jimmy Redman Jnr

The inventor of the SulNOx products, his technology is made under licence by a chemical major.

With decades of experience in a broad range of chemical fields, Jimmy is well practiced in formulating, preparing, packaging, branding and marketing chemicals. In addition to the fuel industry he has a background in printing, coating, industrial, household and speciality applications.

Jimmy has worked under license to major companies.

Gary Bostock

Gary is one of the founders of SulNOx and is now Chief Executive of SulNOx Fuel Fusion Ltd. He assisted SulNOx in obtaining a successful listing on the London Aquis Market. He is now charged with heading up the strategic growth and development of the SulNOx campaign to open the world market to its unique environmental products.