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Whether an individual or corporate entity, are you passionate about sustainability and environmental impact, but also need income?

Do you want to be part of solutions to reduce harmful emissions from the use of all forms of hydrocarbon fuels; fossil, synthetic & hybrids and by any type of user? Look no further!

Our Greentech company offers patented, unique innovative additives & emulsifiers to substantially reduce pollutants and significantly increase fuel efficiency.

We also have powerful demulsifiers to deal with oil contaminated wastewater.

Our products make a real difference, while providing our Distributors with significant and long-term earnings potential.

We are currently looking to appoint more Distributors across the UK and anywhere else on our precious planet. Now is a fantastic time to join us. RemNOx™ continues to experience rapid growth, and demand for our “game changing” technologies has never been better.
Our distributor agreements have no upfront costs and never expose our distributors to any form of penalties whatsoever. So you have nothing to risk but your time!


RemNOx™ Diesel Fuel Conditioner and RemNOx™ and RemNOx™ Petrol Conditioner have the unparalleled ability to permanently disperse water in fuels (Particularly Diesel) to form long-term stable emulsions.

‘Conditioned’ fuel significantly alters the burn profile allowing a cleaner and more complete combustion. Additionally, a significant increase in lubricity is achieved, whilst improving overall performance and engine health.

Users also experience notable reductions in fuel costs, with some as high as 28% and with virtually no up-front capital cost or disruption to operations. * eg. prevent diesel bug

  • EN590 & EN228 Certified – Approved for use as a standard fuel thereby not voiding engine warranties.
  • Cost Effective – Significant savings with virtually no up-front capital cost or disruption to operations.
  • Environmental Benefits – Significant reductions in harmful pollutants, such as – COx, NOx, SOx, PM 2.5-10…
  • +31% Lubricity – Reduces engine wear thereby prolonging life. Less maintenance & servicing.
  • Diesel Bug Remedy – Eliminates Free-water contamination in fuel thereby eradicating Diesel Bug.
  • Antifreeze Properties – Significantly reduces the freezing point of Diesel to at least -20 degrees Celcius.

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