RemNOX Research & Development – Intellectual Property

Introduction – Facilities

RemNOx R&D Ltd [“RemNOxR&D”] operates as a ‘state of the art’, experimental, evaluation and diagnostic facility, dedicated to Greentech issues of anti-pollution and economic solutions in reference to the use of all forms of hydrocarbon fuels; fossil, synthetic or hybrid. In addition to specialising in advanced treatments to eliminate organic & inorganic water contaminates.

RemNOxR&D has a diversity of roles and functions and is a wholly owned subsidiary of RemNOx Ltd [“RemNOx”], both of which are Scottish registered companies.

RemNOxR&D’s primary research center and laboratory, located adjacent to Glasgow International Airport, is a significant and highly secure facility outfitted with cutting-edge scientific and diagnostic equipment, including:

  • Elementar Vario Max Multi Elemental Analyser
  • Hettich Zentrifugen Rotanta Refrigerated Centrifuge
  • Hielscher UP200S Ultrasonic Processor with Sound Proof Protection Box

  • Sanyo Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

  • Astec Monair Recirculating Fume Cabinet Lab
  • Temperature controlled water bath
  • Anton Sprint Pro5 Multifunction Flue Gas Analysers Plus the required engineering design & manufacturing equipment, with dedicated areas, to design, construct and operate fully functioning advanced ‘pilot plants’, to process various forms of virgin & waste oil recovery and contaminated water treatments

Mission Statement

RemNOxR&D’s primary function is to improve, both the functional performance and economies, of the current suite of RemNOx proprietary ‘intellectual properties’ [“IP”] of chemical formulas and processes and to discover unique solutions to any current or new manufacturing or processing problems, encountered by the worldwide clients of RemNOx. In addition, RemNOxR&D Glasgow facility can provide advanced R&D services to its own commercial clients around the world.

RemNOxR&D considers another of its responsibilities is to keep RemNOx’s businesses competitive, by providing insights into the chemistry and markets of all potential new fuels, including ‘green hydrogen’. And the development of new services and products, or improving existing ones accordingly. Thereby as a state of the art R&D facility, providing the latest new technologies and innovative thinking, underpinning the future growth of any business.

RemNOxR&D Provides:

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Initial Research & Advice
  • Development of New Chemical Formulas & Processes
  • Full Testing Programs
  • Initial Pilot Plants
  • Help in Design & Construction of Initial Commercial Plants

RemNOxR&D Disciplines:

  • Theoretical & Experimental Research

  • Applied Research
  • Experimental Development
  • Commercial Development





RemNOxR&D Projects

The scope and expertise of the RemNOxR&D testing facility in Glasgow and its planned experimental program, will allow for the design of the most efficient and economic processes for dealing with the many forms of oil contaminated wastewater, especially those generated by oil primary, secondary and tertiary oil recovery.

This new UK multirange facility is in response to a successful commercial prototype facility which has proven that not only is RemNOxR&D’s new process significantly more efficient in time and cost, but the recovered oil is of better quality and therefore more valuable. In addition, the disposal of the residual water is less problematic.

RemNOxR&D will provide wastewater treatment companies with comprehensive reports on how to enhance their current approach, looking to increase their productivity and reduce their operational timescales, all at zero cost to them.

In the new facility, RemNOx can provide quick and cost free solutions for the treatment of oil contaminated wastewater of all types.

Most wastewater treatments currently rely solely on physical processes eg. gravitational settlement. Most of which are limited in scope and very time consuming, needing significant storage facilities. Thereby delaying and reducing capacity and productivity. They also require tertiary processes to allow disposal of the residue water. In general, they are all bespoke and capital intensive processes. R&D in this field continues to evolve with a strong emphasis on sustainability, efficiency and environmental stewardship. Collaborations between industry, government, and academia are critical for advancing technologies and practices in oil sands extraction and water management.

RemNOxR&D research and evaluations are cutting edge with an appetite for improvement in all areas of separating oil in water emulsions and how to treat contaminated residue water.

Discover The Future

We are a multi-disciplinary laboratory committed to focussed and efficient Research & Development winthin the hydrocarbon fuels mitigating sector.