RemNOx Diesel Fuel Conditioner

RemNOx Diesel Fuel Conditioner (powered by SulNOx Technology), permanently combines all hydrocarbon fuels (particularly Diesels) and any free water within them into stable fuel emulsions, resulting in cleaner combustion with numerous additional benefits

How does it work?

Free water within Diesel poses a problem because it inevitably leads to incomplete combustion resulting in toxic emissions. It accelerates engine wear and can also cause irreparable damage. The presence of free water also encourages the growth of fungal/diesel bug which is another significant problem for users.

When added to any fuel or storage tank, RemNOx Diesel Fuel Conditioner scavenges free water from the system, combines it with the fuel to form a permanent emulsion.  This provides for cleaner and more efficient combustion, with less resultant harmful pollution, thereby reducing corrosion and clearing residue.  In turn, this improves efficiency, modifies flame characteristics and reduces emissions and wear.

After the fuel/water is ‘conditioned’ through emulsification, it remains stable indefinitely all the while maintaining lubricity and viscosity, which are unparalleled achievements making RemNOx Diesel Fuel Conditioner the best on the market.  Furthermore, as Diesel engines are used in a wide variety of different conditions, the emulsion can remain stable across a broad spectrum of temperatures, from -20 to 70 degrees Celsius.

Outstanding Efficiency

Remarkably, only a very small volume of RemNOx Diesel Fuel Conditioner/Diesel is required, making it a very cost-effective and non-intrusive solution.

The dilution factor is only “1 part conditioner to 2,000 parts fuel”. Therefore just 1 litre of conditioner will treat 440 gallons of diesel.

RemNOx Diesel Fuel Conditioner does not alter, amend, shorten or negate any engine warranties, thereby prolonging the life of engines and reducing further capital outlay of businesses and end users.

Although, as the name suggests, RemNOx Diesel Fuel Conditioner is primarily focused on treating all specifications of Diesel, the product can also be effectively used with much lighter and combustible fuels, like Kerosene for illumination, burners (furnaces) etc.

We are proud of our company’s eco credentials. RemNOx Diesel Fuel Conditioners and Emulsifiers are produced using only harmless naturally occurring ingredients, which are 100% environmentally friendly and having no toxicity.

Our ethos is to ensure we use only truly sustainable materials and processes.

What you can expect from RemNOx Diesel Fuel Conditioner:

  • Improves efficiency resulting in fuel savings
  • Remedies the problem of water in tanks and fuel systems
  • Removes any sludge and wax build up in fuel systems and remedies Diesel Bug problems
  • Significantly reduces toxic emissions, such as NOx, particulate matter or ‘sooty’ deposits, SOx
  • Reduces wear on engines and key parts, including fuel pumps and filters
  • Ensures injector nozzles are kept free of deposits
  • Extends servicing intervals
  • Decontaminates fuel
  • Eliminates corrosion
  • Ensures fuel lines and filters are kept clean
  • Improves lubricity
  • Significant antifreeze properties. Helps to keep winter diesel a liquid below -20°C