RemNOx HFO Fuel Emulsifier

RemNOx HFO Fuel Emulsifier (powered by SulNOx Technology) assisted by ultrasonic mixing equipment, is specifically designed to alter the characteristics of Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO), even in its most obnoxious form, known as Mazut.  Emulsification will significantly improve lubricity and make combustion more complete, thereby saving costs, improving efficiency and reducing harmful emissions.

How does it work, in a nutshell?

Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO), also known as bunker fuel, or residual fuel oil, is the result or remnant from distillation of crude oil and has viscous tar-like consistency. HFO is heavily contaminated with several different compounds including aromatics, sulphur and nitrogen, making emissions upon combustion more polluting compared to other fuel types.

Due to untreated HFO’s viscosity, it requires considerable energy to heat and combust, compared with other hydrocarbon fuel types, because not enough oxygen is readily available.  As a consequence, combustion is inefficient and incomplete, resulting in significant wastage of fuel and the production of extremely toxic emissions.

Although an intricate process, simply put, part of the solution comes from adding water to ‘oxygenise’ HFO.  Adding a small amount of RemNOx HFO Fuel Emulsifier, combined with ultrasonic process equipment incorporating the technologies of SulNOx Group Plc, SCi Med and Hielscher Ultrasound GmbH, the fuel is permanently and efficiently emulsified with the added water. Tests have shown that a combination of only 2% of RemNOx HFO Fuel Emulsifier, 18% Water, and 80% HFO, result in an effective emulsion for maximum benefits.

With reduced viscosity of the new emulsion, this forms the basis of a fuel ready to combust more completely, with less required energy, and with less resultant toxic pollutants.

Remarkably, resultant emulsified HFO remains stable for a very long period, a trait which is unparalleled.

Our Solution to a Worldwide Problem

RemNOx HFO Fuel Emulsifier provides a sustainable solution in all grades of HFO significantly reducing toxic emissions, while saving businesses and operators substantial amounts of money on fuel, wear and maintenance of engines, burners, boilers and heat exchangers.

What you can expect from RemNOx HFO Fuel Emulsifier using ultrasonically emulsified and stabilized fuel oil in burners.

Pre-Combustion Expectations

  • High quality, stable, homogeneous emulsion
  • Fine, evenly-spaced water droplets in the emulsion
  • Less sludge in storage tanks
  • Clean fuel oil pipe, pump systems
  • Ability to use lower-grade heavy fuel oil
  • Reduced Asphaltenes, reduced viscosity, increased Calorimetric Value

Expectations Post Combustion

  • Less fireside and high and low temperature corrosion
  • Improved fireside cleanliness
  • Lower exit gas temperature
  • Improved characteristics of exhaust gas
  • Less Particulate Matter
  • Less high and low temperature deposits
  • Less fouling
  • Reduced frequency of boiler washing
  • Less SOx and less NOx
  • Increased boiler availability
  • Reduced engine maintenance

We are proud of our company’s eco credentials. RemNOx Diesel Fuel Conditioner and RemNOx Petrol Conditioners and Emulsifiers are produced using only harmless naturally occurring ingredients, which are 100% environmentally friendly.