About Protectonic Ukraine LLC

A new collaboration of experienced and well respected Ukrainian specialists, focused on creating synergies and joint ventures that will assist the population in general, particularly all fuel consumers in Ukraine. This is to be achieved by the adoption and implementation of the very latest and effective, green technologies. The goal is to improve the overall environment by the reduction of all pollutants generated by any form of fuel combustion and facilitate better economic performance of companies operating in Ukraine, who can benefit from using RemNOx fuel additives, emulsifiers and demulsifiers.
Protectonic Ukraine has also co-founded the ‘Ukrainian Association of Alternative Renewable Energy Sources and Innovative Processing Technologies’, which is tasked with the development of sustainable, decarbonised energy for Ukraine, the implementation of the principles of the European Energy Strategy, and supporting the process of absorbing and utilising new green technologies.
See Protectonic website at: https://remnox.com.ua/

Scott Bruce, Chief Financial Officer of RemNOx commented:

“Despite Ukraine being the innocent party in a devastating war, with its people and infrastructures encountering indescribable challenges, we are particularly gratified that we have been able to partner with such a group of dedicated and capable Ukrainians, with such a ‘can do’ attitude. It is therefore with particular pride that we are able to announce Protectonic Ukraine as our exclusive representative partners for the whole of Ukraine. We believe that with the dedication and work of our Ukrainian partners, they will introduce our fuel technologies throughout the Ukrainian infrastructure, which will aid the war effort and just as importantly, the efforts when Ukraine is rebuilt, as it surely will.”

Yurii Bukatov, General Director of Protectonic Ukraine LLC commented:

“It is a great honour for us and an important step in our business development, to announce an exclusive partnership with RemNOx for the sovereign territory of Ukraine. Our company strives to introduce innovative products that can improve the quality of people’s lives and RemNOx becomes a key partner in our desire to create environmentally friendly, cost-effective, sustainable solutions in the field of innovative business solutions. This partnership opens up new opportunities for us and our customers and we are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate and partner with RemNOx. Together we will focus our efforts on achieving common goals. We are currently in the process of active negotiations with numerous potential consumer companies at a national level, together with national specialized associations that unite farmers and business that provide facilities to transport passenger and freight, both road and rail. Our actions reflect our commitment to developing sustainable and forward-looking relationships.”

About RemNOx Products (powered by SulNOx technologies)

Advanced and unique proprietary fuel additives, emulsifiers and demulsifiers, manufactured from natural biodegradable ingredients. They ensure reduced fossil and synthetic fuel consumption and significantly reduction pollution emissions of NOx, CO and CO2. Resulting in less smoke, less soot, improvement in overall air quality (PM10 reduced by more than 60% and PM2.5 by as much as 99.7% when used regularly), together with improved Engine Performance & Health.

Our latest innovation is our vastly improved mechanism for ‘oil recovery from wastewater’ processes.

Using our demulsifier has been proven to significantly reduce the time taken for separation, with a higher quality of oil recovered. Results are as low as 1.5% residual water within 3 hours, with an immediate separation. RemNOx provides wastewater companies a free testing service, producing a detailed analysis on how they can adopt our technology into their existing demulsification processes. Reporting on how to reduce their processing times and providing details on how to increase capacity and production using our demulsifier.