Research and Development Program

The board of RemNOx confirms its demulsification and jet fuel investigative and testing facility is now fully operational. Its planned experimental program will allow RemNOx to design the most efficient and economic processes for dealing with the many forms of oil contaminated wastewater. This new UK multirange facility is in response to a successful commercial prototype facility in South Africa, but dedicated to only one type of oil contaminated wastewater. However, it has proven that not only is our new process significantly more efficient in time and cost, but the recovered oil is of better quality and can be used in combustion engines. In addition, the disposal of the residual water is less problematic. RemNOx will provide wastewater treatment companies with comprehensive reports on how to enhance their current approach, looking to increase their productivity and reduce their operational timescales, all at zero cost to them. The 2nd phase of the experimental program will investigate the possibility of using RemNOx fuel conditioners by the aviation industry.

Steven Dunnett, Chief Operational Officer of RemNOx comments on the importance of this new facility and the opportunities it represents. “Providing a bespoke offering for new and existing clients is something we have been looking to do for some time. With our new facility, we can now provide quick and cost free solutions for the treatment of oil contaminated wastewater of all types. We fully appreciate that most wastewater treatments currently rely solely on gravitational settlement, which are limited in scope and are very time consuming. They require considerable storage facilities, thereby delaying and reducing capacity and productivity and also require tertiary processes to allow disposal of the residue water. In general, they are all bespoke and capital intensive processes. By offering a FREE investigative and testing service to this industry it will allow companies to look at a more streamlined approach, helping to expand their businesses, without initial cost to them. RemNOx want to lead the way in fuel conditioning and emulsification of all hydrocarbon fuels, fossil, bio or synthetic, and this new facility will help us also lead the way in the demulsification process of contaminated wastewater”.

About RemNOx Products (powered by SulNOx technologies)

Advanced and unique proprietary fuel additives, emulsifiers and demulsifiers, manufactured from natural biodegradable ingredients. They ensure reduced fossil and synthetic fuel consumption and significantly reduction pollution emissions of NOx, CO and CO2. Resulting in less smoke, less soot, improvement in overall air quality (PM10 reduced by more than 60% and PM2.5 by as much as 99.7% when used regularly, together with improved Engine Performance & Health