About EngiClean
It provides its customers with mobile carbon cleaning services across Scotland. The solution is a quick turnaround with maximum results, only taking around 30 minutes, using the best technically advanced CC16 PRO Carbon Clean, which uses Oxyhydrogen to ”detox” customers engines. By making the decision to clean the carbon deposits from their engine, they will decrease emissions, increase engine power, lower oil consumption, increase MPG, decrease engine vibrations and restore torque. Last but not least, the process will prolong their engine life and have instant overall marked improvement and performance

Steven Dunnett, Chief Operating Officer for RemNOx commented….

“We are delighted to welcome Engi Clean to our ever growing portfolio of representatives. Through the knowledge, workmanship and professionalism in a number of transport industries, Engi Clean will help provide dependable representation of our product and are at the forefront of technology to ensure that cleaner engines, not only make for better running, but are better for the environment too. All of which mirror the values set by RemNOx. The management at RemNOx are delighted to have Engi Clean on board as, there is nothing more important than a recommendation coming from a trusted source like Engi Clean.


Adam McLachlan, director of Engi Clean, commented…

“I initially came across RemNOx and decided to try it on my own vehicle. I consider myself an expert on Decarbonising engines, both private and in the commercial sector  and so was very pessimistic regarding RemNOx’s broad claims. However, having monitored the fuel consumption and a very noticeable change in the pitch of my engine and an exceptionally smooth drive experience, I immediately offered it to all my clients, and the result for them is the same. A saving of around 12% on fuel usage and a continuous smooth performance and continuous DPF cleaning. I am currently supplying farmers who are now seeing huge differences in their tractors and plant machinery in the reduction of black smoke and cold start issues. RemNOx fuel conditioner also eradicates diesel bug issues and fuel stability problems in a one simple “pour and go solution”, a vital component for farmers or end users who are holding large amounts of fuel in static tanks .