When RemNOx Fuel Conditioners products are added to any EN590 and EN228 compliant fuels, such fuels remain fully compliant, as certified by Bureau Veritas (internationally renowned and a world leader in testing, inspection and certification services).

As a consequence of such certification, engine manufacturers are legally barred from insinuating that the use of RemNOx Conditioners could threaten the validity of a vehicle’s engine warranty.

However, because many other branded fuel conditioners do NOT comply with either EN590 or EN228 standards , it is common practice for engine manufacturers to issue general warnings about the use of conditioners advisedly effecting engine warranty status.

RemNOx are pleased to have received unequivocal written confirmations from the ‘MAN Truck & Bus Group’ and ‘DAF Trucks Limited (see copies provided), that engine warranties remain unaffected by the use of RemNOx compliant products. This principle applies across all engine manufacturers where EN590 & EN228 are the prescribed fuel standards across the UK and Europe.