The board of directors of the Company (the “Board“) is very pleased to announce that International Drilling Fluids (“IDF”) has become an Independent Sales Organisation (“ISO“) for RemNOx Ltd and has already purchased a complete range of RemNOx products to provide its customer base in the oil and gas industries with enough product to fully evaluate the significant advantages of using RemNOx in their operations.

IDF is headquartered in Berkeley Square, London, and serves the oil & gas industries as a technical and engineering-based service. They are a well-established, trusted engineering and consultancy service company with years of insight in drilling, completion and production services. Their reputation has been built on in-depth practical research activities to overcome drilling problems and environmental concerns of their clients. See their corporate brochure.

Ms Angela Bravo LLb, the Chair of the Board of RemNOx commented-

“We are pleased to be partnering with IDF to assist their clients in implementing our new technologies and methods to improve efficiencies and enhance costs savings as they look to further reduce the environmental impact of their clients’ operations within the oil & gas industries. The management of RemNOx has learned over the past years that many leading industries such as marine, oil and transportation are by necessity very conservative when it comes to adopting new fuel technologies and methods. RemNOx understands that such industries are more likely to adopt its products if they are introduced and recommended by their trusted support services.”

Dr. Koroush Tahmasbi, Chairman of IDF commented-

“Our clients expect us to deliver the latest innovations to further enhance their operational reliability and performance. Such new technologies must be wholly reliable and their impact fully researched. Having evaluated RemNOx products ourselves, we are completely satisfied that ‘they do exactly what it says on the tin’. We are now committed to introducing RemNOx to all our clients and assisting them to evaluate the many advantages that RemNOx technologies deliver.”