SulNOx, the hydrocarbon fuel emulsification specialist, is pleased to announce the filing of its Patent Cooperation Treaty (“PCT” or International Patent) Application. The PCT provides a unified procedure for filing patent applications in a multitude of regions internationally. These regions will be decided by the Group during the course of this application process.

The PCT application is in addition to the existing UK patent application ‘Patent Pending’ and relates to exactly the same invention. The UK application was originally filed on 8th March 2019 through the Group’s Patent Attorney, Beck Greener LLP, and was submitted for examination on 2nd March 2020 following initial enquiries by the UK Patent Office.

A spokesperson for SulNOx commented:

“Our invention was developed in such a way that it may be adapted to condition a range of hydrocarbon fuels. Our immediate focus rests on two types of fuel: Diesel and Heavy Fuel Oil. These are both individually applicable to very large markets and together comprise a large portion of the world’s hydrocarbon fuel markets. These markets represent attractive sales opportunities for the Group. Of course, our future is not dependent on the eventual grant of a Patent and we resolutely continue developing interest amongst large users of Diesel and Heavy Fuel Oil internationally”


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The directors take responsibility for this announcement.

About SulNOx Group Plc

SulNOx,, has developed a hydrocarbon fuels conditioning and
an emulsifying process which enables more efficient fuel combustion, potentially leading to
reduced fuel consumption and significantly lower emissions.

Posted Mar 09, 2020

Reproduction of this information is with kind permission from SulNOx