With this year’s Summer Yachting and boating Season fast approaching, RemNOx have already received healthy restocking orders for their “game changing” fuel conditioner, from a significant number of their registered Yacht Chandlers and Marine Distributors.

RemNOx believe 2023 will provide the platform they need, to truly transform the marine industry. The Greentech company’s mission to provide next-generation natural solutions, for immediate progression towards carbon neutrality, is gaining noticeable traction amongst its Distributors and end-users.

Khalid Sabri, Chief Sales Officer-Marine Division, commented…

“I am absolutely delighted that RemNOx is now gaining confidence and traction with repeat business from owners of every size and type of vessel and from marine industry engineers. It’s satisfying to know that seasonal boat owners can now leave fuel in their tanks and return after several months knowing that the fuel left is still free of water and diesel bug issues. Also most importantly, the Octane and Cetane quality is unaffected. Clyde Outboard services are a well-established and respected marine engineering company. Their knowledge and professionalism is highly respected in Port Glasgow, which has strong roots in the marine industry.”

Lindsay Pavia from Clyde Outboard Services commented….

We have been evaluating this product since late 2022. At Clyde Outboard Services we do a lot to educate customers on fuel quality (particularly the risks of using of E10 fuel). Our customers also approach us for advice and once we explain the benefits of using RemNOx, they see it’s an all-in-one product that is going to keep their engines healthy and reduce mechanical downtime during their sailing season. Our customers have been purchasing the 250ml bottle and the very handy one shot ‘25ml treatment’. Remnox is for sale on our website or at our workshop”