After several months of negotiating the complicated regulatory hurdles and 3rd party authorisations, required to implement a full-blown evaluations procedure with working vessels at sea, the Board of Directors of the Company are pleased to announce a significant real-time evaluation with a Scottish based, North Sea fishing fleet. The evaluations have been fully funded by the fleet owners.

Based in Aberdeenshire, the fleet operate in a huge area of the North and Norwegian Seas, from Denmark to the East, to as far North East as Norway and as far North West as the Faroe Islands and Shetland. Their fleet comprises new vessels, which have the latest data telemetry technology and operational instrumentation, which provides real-time, dependable data on fuel economy savings and significant reductions in toxic emissions. Such in-depth and reliable data is generated and recorded ‘second by second’, thus accounting for huge variations in weather, tides and sea conditions, all of which have significant impact on reliability when analysing operational results.

Kal Sabri, Chief Sales Officer-Marine Division, commented…..

“This is a major breakthrough for RemNOx. The fishing industry continues to be under immense pressure, with the rising costs of fuel and serious environmental issues. This evaluation will reliably demonstrate the fuel savings that can be made and the reduction in emissions, by the use of our fuel conditioners. With the added pressure of environmental regulations tightening yet further in the marine industry, RemNOx can significantly assist vessels to adhere to ever tightening emission parameters, allowing our fishing industry to do what they do best – feeding us”.