SulNOx’s presentation to the SAIMENA

SulNOx’s presentation to the SAIMENA

SulNOx, the hydrocarbon fuel emulsification specialist, is pleased to announce that on the 29th January 2020, it presented a technical paper at the South African Institute of Marine Engineers and Naval Architects (“SAIMENA”) conference which took place in Durban, South Africa.

The attendees were representatives of shipping companies, marine engineers, and other suppliers to the marine shipping sector. The focus of the presentation by SulNOx is the introduction of the delivery and ultrasonic mixing concept, designed for installation into a ship’s existing fuel system, and SAIMENA marks the unveiling of this proprietary system to the industry.

The presentation was delivered by Nicholas Nelson, Chief Executive, and the Group’s technical team which has designed the system in cooperation with marine engineers.

A spokesperson for SulNOx commented:

“At the time of our admission to the NEX Exchange Growth Market, we set out our plans to work with companies in the shipping sector which are seeking solutions to reduce exhaust emissions and cut fuel consumption. We have enjoyed a long association with the Republic of South Africa, a country determined to play its part in reducing exhaust toxins at sea, following the implementation of IMO2020.”


SulNOx Group Plc:
Radu Florescu,
Chief Executive,

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About SulNOx Group Plc

SulNOx,, has developed a hydrocarbon fuels conditioning and
the emulsifying process that enables more efficient fuel combustion, potentially leading to reduced fuel consumption and significantly lowered emissions.

SulNOx is quoted on London’s NEX Exchange Growth Market after its admission to trading
in December 2019.

Reproduction of this information is with kind permission from SulNOx

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