The Board of Directors of the Company (the “Board“) is very pleased to announce that the InnoTAD Auto Group (“InnoTAD””) has adopted RemNOx technology to significantly enhance their current offerings to their far eastern clients. Now contracted as an Independent Sales Organisation (“ISO“) for RemNOx, they will be recommending RemNOx products throughout the Far East. InnoTAD have purchased a sufficient range and volume of RemNOx products to be able to introduce their current clients to RemNOx technology and expand their markets into new industries, like shipping and power generation.

InnoTAD is headquartered in Singapore and has an office in Hong Kong. InnoTAD currently serves the road transport industry with its leading product, the patented Emission Reducer “IER”, a device that introduces a flow of charged ions/air into any combustion chamber. InnoTAD’s current focus is on road vehicles only and it has been looking to introduce the latest, proven technologies to expand both its services to clients and the range of industries it serves. InnoTAD’s strength is bolstered by its numerous associated partners and their high-level contacts throughout the Far East & East Asia. See their corporate brochure their website at

Ms Angela Bravo LLB (Hons), the Chair of the Board of RemNOx commented-

The recruitment of InnoTAD as a RemNOx ISO is of particular importance. For not only are they our first representation in the Far East, but also the first of what could be described as an ‘established competing technology’, to embrace the fact that RemNOx/SulNOx products are unique and unassailable. The advantages of “just pour and go” are by far and away the most economic and convenient. Also delivering instant results, it must be the first choice of any consumers, be they individuals or multinational corporations.

Leo Chin, CEO of InnoTAD and inventor of its patented technology, commented-

My company is now into its 10th year, being the same age as SulNOx, and just like SulNOx and now RemNOx, we have experience of just how much time, effort and capital, is required to introduce and deploy a new technological paradigm in any transportation industry, be that land, sea or air. My ”IER” technology was fully developed and deployable by 2015, but it has taken us years to be accepted in the Asian marketplace. Up until just a few years ago, we had to concentrate on the costs saving aspects, because it was a real struggle to interest consumers and businesses in the importance of new antipollution technologies. I am therefore particularly pleased to be so directly associated with RemNOx (powered by SulNOx Technology), which has achieved the multinational 3rd party certifications and acceptances necessary to really penetrate the transportation and power generation industries. I have already begun to introduce RemNOx products to my clients and intend to now expand into shipping, in which my group and associates have particular interest.