The Board of Directors of the Company (the “Board“) is very pleased to announce that The Roxan Group (“TRG”) has become an Independent Sales Organisation (“ISO“) of RemNOx and will be significant users of all RemNOx products within its own operations. TRG have purchased a sufficient range and volume of RemNOx products to provide for its own initial needs and those of its clients. The Board considers this second influential Oil & Gas service group to adopt RemNOx products with days of the first, is yet more evidence that RemNOx is making exponential progress in having the full merits of its products recognised within the oil & gas industry.

TRG is headquartered in Amsterdam and serves the oil & gas industries as a multi-layered technical, engineering, procurement, support and management services for the oil & gas industry worldwide. They have grown substantially in size and influence, expanding their portfolio of services to include more disciplines and industries.  See: and their Germany partners

Ms Angela Bravo LLb, the Chair of the Board of RemNOx commented-

Concluding a partnership with a second respected Oil & Gas Industry service group so soon after the first, indicates the speed that RemNOx’s reputation is proliferating through this crucial energy sector. The Board believes that TRG’s presence and footprint in Europe will be a significant factor in the further expansion of RemNOx product sales in such a major geographic territory. RemNOx is able and willing to provide TRG and all RemNOx ISOs with full and ongoing technical and logistical support, for both their own operations and that of their clients.

Simon Farokhi, Chairman of TRG commented-

We pride ourselves on identifying the leading, successful technologies and practices which will deliver the progress and operational improvements our clients expect our expertise to provide. As can be understood from our website, we also provide to the oil & gas industry, a full water management service and energy savings solutions through our partnership with the Zoz Group of Germany. Additionally, the reduction in pollutants from all operational procedures is now imperative for our clients and ourselves. The range of advantages, economies and meaningful reductions in pollutants provided by RemNOx technologies makes their use almost obligatory. We remain astounded that such ‘across the board’ results can be delivered by the addition of such small quantities of safe, nontoxic, natural ingredients which represent the formular of RemNOx products.