USA CO2 emissions surge under Trump’s Administration

USA CO2 emissions surge under Trump’s Administration

The USA is the second-largest producer of greenhouse gases in the world, behind China (#1)

  • Research firm, Rhodium Group, has reported CO2 emissions in the USA have increased by 2.5% during 2018
  • USA is experiencing a reversal in a three-year trend of reducing CO2; it is now unlikely to achieve 2025 emissions targets under the Paris Climate Agreement
  • The Trump Administration is rolling back a number of previous environmental regulations, placing economic growth before environmental issues

Climate change

The USA is the second-largest producer of greenhouse gases in the world. Where we have previously been witnessing a downward trend in CO2 emissions over the past three years, we are now tremendously concerned to learn from the Rhodium Group report, that USA CO2 emissions actually increased during 2018.

An increase in the use of diesel, particularly in road haulage, is cited as being one of the main culprits, as the Trump Administration puts environmental concern on the sideline in pursuit of economic growth.

Environmental policy

The Trump Administration is also known to have lifted restrictions on coal usage for power generation, which is thought to be another reason for the spike in CO2 emissions.

Reversing the USA CO2 spike

In order for the USA to ‘get back on track’ and meet the 2025 emissions target, it will need to show a 2.6% decline over the ensuing six years.

SulNOx has the ability to help achieve this target.

Our mission is to reduce air pollution and the harmful exhaust emissions generated through the combustion of diesel and Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) through our multi-fuel additive conditioners, emulsifiers, and stabilisers.

Our product, when added to diesel and fuel oil, will reduce CO2 and other emissions are known to be detrimental to our environment: NOx, SOx, and particulate matter.

We are passionate about protecting our planet and have invested heavily in the development of unique products that are part of the cure to this environmental disaster, paying particular attention to the following industries:

  • Power generation
  • Heating
  • Road transport (commercial and private)
  • Shipping & Rail

An industry shift

We are urging the industry to wake up to the available technology and join us in protecting the planet while still pursuing economic growth, efficiencies, and cost benefits. It doesn’t need to be an ‘either-or’.

SulNOx is currently working on a modified product, which specifically targets CO2 emission reduction. This will join our successful suite of globally-available products, proven to provide a cleaner, more efficient burn and dramatically reduce emissions from diesel and HFO.

Our fuel emulsifiers are a low-cost solution for bulk users of diesel and fuel oil and are immediately available for trial. We urge you to contact us today to find out how we can help your business save money, improve efficiencies, and be more environmentally-friendly.

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Posted Jan 18, 2019

Reproduction of this information is with kind permission from SulNOx

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