Two additional Regional Business Development Managers, who only began work in mid-May, have already recruited 28 active mixed business Stockists in the North of England, with a further 16 in the process of activation.

Our established Scottish based Stockists, administered by our two Scottish RBD managers, now number 110 with a further 24 in various stages of activation.

Our Stockists are a cross section of all road transport orientated public services, being predominantly independent petrol stations, MOT & Services Centres and Motor Factors. Stockists are provided with two types of counter/shelf display units with product supplied on a ‘sale or return’ basis.  The larger unit being able to hold both conditioner products and information brochures.  For Stockists with limited counter/shelf space, the smaller display unit holds information brochures and has a very small footprint.

In addition, we have agreement in principle with our independent petrol stations, for our ad stickers to be displayed on the fuel pumps.

Mr Nawaz Haq, CEO of RemNOx (a SulNOx ISO), commented “I am delighted with my Retail Team’s rapid growth and accelerating deployment throughout the UK.  It is hugely encouraging that our Stockists to date, largely professionals working with vehicles on a daily basis, have been able to witness the unique power and effectiveness of SulNOx technologies and wish to push our products in the marketplace.  My Retail Team’s ambitious target of 2,000 active retail Stockists within 15 months now seems readily achievable.”

A board representative of SulNOx Fuel Fusions Ltd (the sales arm of SulNOx Group PLC), commented “RemNOx’s performance and professionalism to date has been superb and their retail division’s deployment progress has far exceeded initial expectations. Notwithstanding that all our ISOs’ core business is focused on recruiting major transport fleets who use bulk product by way of IBC’s of circa a 1,000 litre each and whereas retail sales of small bottles of product is more time and management consuming, I believe that facilitating huge numbers of the general public to experience the benefits of SulNOx’s fuel technologies, is both environmentally beneficial and can only significantly enhance the reputation and exposure of the SulNOx brand”

A full up to date list of active RemNOx stockists and their location details are available on our website: – main menu item STOCKISTS – drop down menu items: SCOTTISH CENTRAL BELT or NORTHERN ENGLAND